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Feldenkrais to support creative practice


Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy elegant.

-Moshe Feldenkrais

Moshe Feldenkrais believed deeply in supporting people to live their full potential. The method supports you to slow down, be gentle with yourself, develop curiousity about your sensory experience and be friendly towards yourself. It can be used as a practice to support your creative life in the following ways:

  • Learning a new way of listening with your body
  • Learning to approach new tasks with gentleness and friendliness (this capacity can the be applied when you feel stuck creatively)

  • Deepening your connection with your sensory experience

  • Improving your physical orientation in space.



We do all this by experimenting with moving our bodies in new ways. 

  • Explore something new

    50 min

    45 British pounds
  • Deepen your explorations

    50 min

    175 British pounds
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