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The Feldenkrais Method

Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.


 - Moshe Feldenkrais


The Feldenkrais Method provides a way of deepening our awareness of our own bodies. The technique offers a method for letting go of inefficient or painful ways of using our bodies and learning to move easily and effortlessly.

I work with people one to one to guide you through an Awareness Through Movement lesson tailored to your particular physical needs and aims. We work on the floor or on a table, depending on the issue. The lessons are holistic, they consider how your body moves as a whole and how tension or relaxation in one area affects the whole body.


The lessons are also about supporting you to find a new inner sense of ease in your body. In today’s world we are often encouraged to push harder, go faster, and exert a tremendous amount of effort to move through the day. This can lead to unnecessary physical tension. 


We develop a sense of playfulness and curiousity to letting go of unnecessary physical tension to give you a break from working so hard and learning some tools to move through the day with more ease.

Benefits of individual lessons include:

  • individual lessons tailored to your unique situation: your body and your own goals

  • physical touch from the practitioner serves to give you another form of feedback and improve your proprioception (ability to sense your body and how it moves)

  • support for your learning process: how to slow down and be more patient and friendly with yourself

  • opportunity to discuss what is happening and ask questions

Please wear loose clothing that allows you to move freely.


I discovered the Feldenkrais method in my mid-twenties after suffering for nearly a decade with chronic back pain which was increasingly restricting my range of movement. 

After beginning to experiment with the method’s Awareness Through Movement lessons I found I could move my body more effortlessly, freely and without pain. Rather unexpectedly, I also experienced a decrease in stress levels, a new curiosity for learning and a deeper level of self-acceptance.

I graduated from the four year Feldenkrais training course in Heidelberg in 2014. My focus in both group and individual lessons is to facilitate the process of learning how to let go of tension and improve posture in a way which promotes curiosity, creativity and self-confidence. 

I believe we make positive changes most effectively when we accept ourselves and become curious about our present situations.

I have a PhD on friendship and adults with learning difficulties. I am also a Gestalt Therapist

Feldenkrais for physical issues

The Feldenkrais Method can also be useful to improve a range of physical issues, e.g. improving pain, balance, coordination etc. There are a range of practitioners in Edinburgh effectively with these issues including

Anne Le Gal

Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist,

Feldenkrais Student Teacher- Awareness Through Movement

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